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Cooking - World of Warcraft Profession Powerleveling Guide

Like First Aid and Fishing, Cooking is a secondary profession skill that can be learnt by all players in addition to their two primary crafting trades.

As you probably guessed, cooking is used to make yummy food for your character. Tons of raw ingredients will drop for you whilst you level, so if you keep on top of it, Cooking is fairly easy to skill up as you level your character.

In this guide, I have chosen the recipes that are easiest to skill up on - which fish are caught the easiest or which mobs have the highest droprate of the raw materials you need.

If you have the patience to fish, then this is by far the easiest way to level cooking - but maxing out fishing takes a lot of time and patience.

I can highly recommend getting cooking to a high level if you are planning on raiding. The food you can cook gives you amazing buffs - and if you are a serious raider then you'd have to go out and buy the food at the auction house otherwise. Whether or not you should also take up fishing depends on your class and if you'd like to make a bit of cash on the side.

At the moment the only food that buffs spell healing ( Golden Fish Sticks) needs a  Golden Darter and the highest stamina food available ( Spicy Crawdad) needs a  Furious Crawdad. Spell damage, agility and strength buff foods can all be made without fish, so if that's what you need you can avoid fishing.