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1->2 Runed Copper Rod

1 x Runed Copper Rod Trainer
1 x Copper Rod   80Silver 00Copper x 1   80Silver 00Copper
1 x Strange Dust   12Silver 50Copper x 1   12Silver 50Copper
1 x Lesser Magic Essence   33Silver 06Copper x 1   33Silver 06Copper
Buy: 1Gold 25Silver 56Copper
Sell:     0Copper
Loss: 1Gold 25Silver 56Copper

The first item you will be creating as an Enchanter is a  Runed Copper Rod, which you will need in order to do enchants. You will need to upgrade this rod at regular intervals as the recipes become tougher and require better rods.

The  Copper Rod is bought from most trade good vendors, or enchanting suppliers.

2->15 Enchant Bracer - Minor Health

13 x Enchant Bracer - Minor Health Trainer
1 x Strange Dust   33Silver 06Copper x 13 4Gold 29Silver 78Copper
Buy: 4Gold 29Silver 78Copper
Sell:     0Copper
Loss: 4Gold 29Silver 78Copper

You get  Strange Dusts from disenchanting level 5 to 20 uncommon or superior items.

Just buy a some crappy bracers and repeat the enchant on them. Alternately, you can get a tailor, leatherworker or blacksmith friend to create some low level bracers for you.

Use the same approach for subsequent recipes.

Alternate route to (I think) 50 is to just disenchant lots of low level items. I'm not sure if this route is viable anymore though (been quite a while since I levelled enchanting, so I've posted the other way as well).