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Mana-Tombs Instance Guide 

Mana-Tombs Overview 

Getting There:
To get to the entrance of Mana-Tombs you just have to take a ride out into Terokkar Forest from Shattrath. From there make your way south into the Bone Wastes and in the center enter the Ring of Observance. Inside the Ring of Observance Mana-Tombs is located at the north end.
Map (39,57)
Recommended Level:
Level 64-66
~1200 reputation with the Consortium until Honored
Pick up the quests Undercutting the Competition and Safety Is Job One from some ethereals standing just outside the Mana-Tombs entrance.
Once you enter Mana-Tombs you will start off with a series of easy pulls, with only 2-3 mobs per pull. Be careful of the patrols though, check out the map above to know when to look out for them.

After clearing the first room, you are ready to take on the first boss Pandemonius (see below for detailed descriptions of the bosses).

Next up you will have some pulls in the range of 2-4 plus you will have three patrols wandering around that you will need to pay close attention to. In this room, there are also two groups of 3-4 non-elite mobs called Mana Leeches . These can get quite nasty as they do an AoE when they die, so if they all die at once everyone in melee range will take a good chunck of damage. A good approach for dealing with them is to only send in the tank and then take them down one by one - with everyone else staying far back.

In the next room you will have a series of smaller pulls again and when dealt with you will be at the second boss of the instance, Tavarok .

After you defeat Tavarok , you will move into a corridor, be mindful of the 3-man patrol that wanders through it before pulling the Mana Leeches. And remember to only have the tank in close combat with the Mana Leeches - everyone else stay ranged.

Going through the corridor you will enter a circular room, then make your way through another short corridor. In the second circular room you can hand in the quest "Safety is Job One" by interacting with a floating box in the room. Be aware (and warn people) not to accept the follow up quest from the NPC that spawns, as this will start an escort. Make sure everyone has handed in the first part of the quest before accepting the escort quest. You can also wait with the escort quest till after you have cleared the rest of the instance - this is preferred by most players. Just make sure everyone is ready and agrees before starting the escort quest.

Moving on, you will reach the last room of the instance where Nexus-Prince Shaffar will be waiting for you at the end. Remember to loot Nexus-Prince Shaffar for the quest item  Shaffar's Wrappings.

Targets and pulling:
Mobs to watch out for and either CC or kill fast are:
  • Ethereal Darkcaster
  • Ethereal Priest
  • Ethereal Sorcerer
  • Ethereal Spellbinder

Deal with Mana Leeches one by one (all party members at ranged apart from the tank)

Pull Nexus Terrors far back so you avoid nasty situations when they use their AoE fear

Mob Encounters 

Ethereal Crypt Raider
Ethereal Darkcaster
Ethereal Priest
Ethereal Scavenger
Ethereal Sorcerer
Ethereal Spellbinder
Ethereal Theurgist
Mana Leech
Nexus Stalker
Nexus Terror
  • Health: 16,500
  • Race: Humanoid (Elite)
  • Level: 64
  • Reputation: +7 Consortium


  • Health: 70,000
  • Race: Demon (Elite)
  • Level: 66
  • Reputation: +91 Consortium
  • Drops:
    •  Boots of the Outlander (12%)
    •  Faith Bearer's Gauntlets (13%)
    •  Idol of the Claw (14%)
    •  Shield of the Void (11%)
    •  Creepjacker (15%)
    •  Voidfire Wand (12%)
Dark Shell: Reflects spells and deals 750 shadow damage to melee attackers - lasts 6 seconds.
Void Blast: Knockback and deals shadow damage (~1.5k) every second for 5 seconds.
Let the tank stand with his back against the rock in the middle of the room to avoid the knockback.

The healer should also stand with his back against a wall to avoid being knocked too far out of range to heal the tank.

Pay attention to when the Dark Shell is up - everyone has to stop dps at this point (apart from hunters - arrows and bullets aren't reflected).
Class tips
Tank: Wear shadow resistance gear.
Warrior: Use  Spell Reflection when Pandemonius uses Void Blast.
Shaman: Use  Grounding Totem to soak up some of the damage from the Void Blast.
Priest: Cast  Prayer of Shadow Protection (Rank 2) on the party.
Paladin: Use your  Shadow Resistance Aura (Rank 4) on the party.


  • Health: 91,000
  • Race: Giant (Elite)
  • Level: 66
  • Reputation: +91 Consortium
  • Drops:
    •  Nethershade Boots (13%)
    •  Lightning-Rod Pauldrons (13%)
    •  Cloak of Revival (11%)
    •  Scimitar of the Nexus-Stalkers (15%)
    •  Staff of Polarities (13%)
    •  Shaarde the Greater (12%)
Crystal Prison: Targets a random players and incapacitates them for 5 seconds whilst dealing damage equal to 10% of the player's health every second.
Earthquake: Stuns and deals ~800 physical damage every second for 3 seconds (~35 yard range).
Basic tank and spank - if you are ranged try and stay far enough back to avoid the Earthquake (~35 yards).
Class tips
Healer: Watch out for the Crystal Prisons - make sure nobody's health goes below 50%.
Mage: As a mage you can  Blink out of the Crystal Prison.

Nexus-Prince Shaffar 

  • Health: 87,500
  • Race: Humanoid (Elite)
  • Level: 66
  • Reputation: +91 Consortium
  • Drops:
    •  Ethereal Boots of the Skystrider (13%)
    •  Mask of the Howling Storm (13%)
    •  Nexus-Bracers of Vigor (12%)
    •  Sigil of Shaffar (13%)
    •  Longstrider's Loop (14%)
    •  Ethereal Warp-Bow (15%)
    •  Recipe: Major Frost Protection Potion (1%)
Mage spells: Blink, Fireball, Frost Nova, Frostball
Summon Ethereal Beacons: These cast Arcane Bolts and will despawn after a bit and an Ethereal Apprentice (humanoid) will take their place.
The prince has three Ethereal Beacons around him when you start the fight. Take those down first and then start dpsing the prince. Every 10 seconds or so the prince will summon another Ethereal Beacon.

You will need to take down the beacons immediately or they will despawn and instead spawn an Ethereal Apprentice. Should you miss a beacon then the Ethereal Apprentices are sheepable and seduceable. If you get more apprentices on your hands than can be CCed it is important to take those down before refocussing dps on the prince.

The easiest way to start the fight is to have the dps assigned to a beacon each, whilst the tank starts building aggro on the prince.

Occasionally, Nexus-Prince Shaffar will cast Frost Nova and then blink out of range of the tank and melee and immediately start casting.
Class tips
Warrior: Use  Spell Reflection.
Hunter: Keep  Arcane Shot (Rank 9) ready for when Ethereal Beacons spawn.
Mage: If an Ethereal Apprentice appears then  Polymorph (Rank 4) it and pay more attention to the beacons in the future and burn them down before another Ethereal Apprentice appears.
Rogue: Use  Cloak of Shadows to get out of the Frost Nova.
Shaman: Both  Fire Resistance Totem (Rank 4) and  Frost Resistance Totem (Rank 4) can be helpful in this fight.
Paladin: Use  Fire Resistance Aura (Rank 4) on the party.